Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020

Board Approved



The Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce strives to be the lead advocate for business, serve as the primary catalyst for a vibrant economy that stimulates and retains jobs, and be the champion to create strong communities for the Cape Girardeau region, resulting in an enhanced quality of life. 



We will cultivate and sustain meaningful relationships with our members, the business community at large, and communities throughout the Cape Girardeau region.  The board, staff, and volunteers will commit time and resources toward efforts that enable our members to be informed, connected, and responsive to economic trends.  Their success is our success.  Our organization will proudly promote the free enterprise system, lead conversations, and share in the action plans developed with our partners to propel our region forward in the areas of economic growth, public policy, talent development, and quality of life strategies. 



The Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce values…

  • Integrity - To be an effective voice of business we must earn and retain the trust built with all of our stakeholders.  
  • Service - To achieve the greater good and represent a strong business community requires the value of service.  Through the work of dedicated servant leaders and a staff committed to a high level of customer service, we will accomplish our mission and vision.
  • Leadership - To be a champion for causes that empower our stakeholders and build value for the members we serve, the organization will value its staff of leaders through support of ongoing education and professional development.  
  • Respect - Respect for one another is crucial in developing meaningful relationships.  We are in the people business.
  • Vision - To set our organization apart from others serving similar purposes we are never satisfied with the status quo.
  • Courage - When our stance is not popular, or is in the minority, our courage will strengthen our resolve in advocating for what we believe is in the best interest of the membership.
    Perseverance - Accomplishment of our goals requires patience and resolve, even though ultimate success may not be immediate.
  • Teamwork - Great things are achieved when fully committed, multi-talented people work together.  It is the cornerstone of our success.
Enhance Membership Value

Purpose: We are first and foremost a business-oriented membership organization. Understanding resources are precious and limited, we must consistently deliver superior value to our membership to remain the business organization of choice.


How will we measure success?

  • Evaluate commitment levels of members and expand membership value in accordance with member needs
  • Enhance development opportunities available to membership
  • Provide stronger networking and engagement opportunities for key business segments
Attract, Retain and Develop Leaders in the Community

Purpose:  The development and retention of quality individuals has never been more important to our area. We must play an active and effective role in establishing long term strategies to positively affect our human capital.

How will we measure success?

  • Expand connectCAPE to help connect more college students to area businesses
  • Explore additional partnerships with effective existing youth leadership programs
  • Enhance leadership opportunities available to existing business professionals
Optimize Economic Development Roles and Responsibilities of the Chamber, MAGNET and Visit Cape

Purpose – We believe it is critically important the economic development responsibilities of business retention and expansion, business recruitment, and convention and visitor services work seamlessly together. It is equally as important to effectively define and communicate the efforts made and results achieved through our work in these areas.
How will we measure success? 

Cape Chamber

  • Effectively manage operations for the Cape Area MAGNET and the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau (VisitCape) resulting in continuing the contractual arrangement for both organizations at sustainable levels.
  • Implement strategic plans for both organizations
  • Submit annual reports to the MAGNET funding partners and the City of Cape Girardeau including deliverables met, successes, and challenges
  • Chamber staff will report approximate hours spent on MAGNET related activities in monthly report to the Chamber Board of Directors

Convention and Visitors Bureau (Visit Cape)

  • Chamber President will work with the VisitCape Team to ensure they have the proper tools and training necessary to achieve goals outlined in their strategic plan
  • Chamber will help distribute VisitCape electronic newsletter and other appropriate communication to the Chamber membership

Cape Area MAGNET

  • Effectively communicate MAGNET purpose and activities to the membership, the region, and all economic development partners
  • Enhance participation in MAGNET
Strengthen Messaging to Better Tell Our Story

Purpose - The Cape Chamber and its staff play a key role in many projects, efforts, and behind the scenes activities. We consistently hear from the general community, and even our members, they are unaware of all the things we do regularly. It is up to us to better inform our entire area, the state, and even the nation, of our involvement and successes.

How we will measure success?

  • Develop and implement at strategic marketing strategy
  • Better utilize appropriate social media and other marketing channels for message delivery