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Independence Day, Freedom, and Entrepreneurship

This Thursday marks the 248th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a document and message that set our nation on a new course. While many of us plan to enjoy a holiday from work to celebrate our nation’s freedom, now is a great time to think about how entrepreneurship could be a path to your personal freedom.

The concept and benefits of freedom can vary depending on the context of the conversation. One freedom that is certainly something to celebrate is the freedom of entrepreneurship and the opportunities it can provide for you and your family.

Freedom to do something that you love: Often entrepreneurs can find a way to take their personal passion and joy and turn it into a venture that can support them and their loved ones. Finding that opportunity that you love can give you the inspiration to make the leap towards entrepreneurship.

Freedom of time: One of the great benefits of being your own boss is the ability to make your own schedule. Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurship takes time and is challenging work, but the flexibility you gain with your daily schedule is a type of freedom not to take for granted.

Freedom that comes with resources: Building a lucrative career, whether it's your main job or even a side hustle, can give you a newfound freedom with financial resources that you don’t currently have. Exploring opportunities to gain experience and your financial stability leads to a new level of freedom for your life.

If the freedom that entrepreneurship offers is something you want to explore, the Cape Girardeau region offers many resources and programs to support your effort. From the Small Business Development Center to codefi and the Cape Chamber. Reach out and learn more about entrepreneurship and explore what freedom it might bring to you on this Independence Day.