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A new opportunity to Bounce your Big Idea

Have you ever encountered a problem or an issue at work and thought there should be a technical solution to this problem? Do you have ideas for an application or technical concept that could be a business but don’t know where to start? Your next opportunity to work through the problem and create a solution and possible business is coming up from Innovate SOMO.

Technical solutions to problems are all around us, and if you’re like me you will sometimes see a new business idea launched with enormous success and think to yourself, I had that same idea but didn’t know how to make it a business! With the support of the Innovate SOMO network now is the time to take that idea you have been mulling over and explore the opportunity to create a new business or startup!

The Bounce My Big Idea program launched at the start of 2024 as a virtual, hands-on workshop for you to evaluate your ideas and explore the possibility or opportunity to build that into a business. Through live weekly sessions, One on One coaching opportunities, and access to a variety of tools and programs participants can go from concept to potential pitch in just four weeks.

Bounce My Big Idea is a prework session for the 120-Tech Startup program and leverages the experience and expertise of the Team at Codefi to help you turn an idea into a reality. To learn more visit Bounce My Big Idea ( or email for more details.

The next session begins August 11th, so sign up today to take part!