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Planting the Seeds of Entrepreneurship this Summer

We are just one week into the summer season and the classic cries of “I’m bored” are starting to creep into households across the region. If the kids are older, encouraging them to find a job can be a terrific way to fill the summer void. But for younger kids, maybe the answer to boredom should be entrepreneurship.

A January 2018 article on entitled “5 Benefits of Teaching Young Children About Entrepreneurship” offers a quick outline of the variety of ways that youth can gain from exploring the world of business.

From developing a better work ethic to improving their appreciation and understanding of money and finances, the experience gained from business activity at an early age can translate to a lifelong skill and value that prepares them for future opportunities and success. It even becomes a benefit this fall when they return to the classroom and have developed expanded skills in creative thinking, people skills through interaction with others, and setting and achieving goals.

Whether they start with something classic like a lemonade stand in the front yard or expand into a more service-based business model helping with lawncare, window washing, pet sitting or something else. Taking time to research opportunities and identify what best fits their skill set can be a great process.

If you or a friend have a young entrepreneur ready to get started in business, great resources are available in a variety of places. Check out for a variety of ideas, strategies, and support as you make this a summer to remember and help plant the seeds of the next great Southeast Missouri Entrepreneurial story!