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Workforce Opportunities with Veterans

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of our nation. While reflecting on Veteran’s service and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice today, I also think it’s important to remember the value that service men and women can bring to your business as employees. offers some great insights and observations on the benefits of hiring veterans in their post 10 Reasons to Hire Vets. Two from the list stood out to me.

Veterans Have Experience and Skill in Diverse Work Settings.

Research shows that America's all-volunteer military is actually a diverse workforce across a number of important demographics, which include education, ethnicity, culture, values and individual goals and aspirations. This experience means veterans entering the civilian workforce are more accepting of co-workers' differences in the workplace, especially in interpersonal relationships. Veterans also exhibit a high degree of cultural sensitivity.

Veterans Exhibit Advanced Team-Building Skills.

The military is a team, composed of smaller teams, all working together toward goals that make up the military's missions. Being in the military not only makes its members believe they can serve effectively as a team member, it enables high performance as part of that team. Military service specifically enhances individuals in three key ways:

  • Organizing and defining team goals and missions
  • Defining team member roles and responsibilities
  • Developing a team's plan for action

I hope you can find some time this memorial to remember the sacrifice of our veterans, and also understand the value and potential that those still with us can bring to our organizations.