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Mercy Hospital Southeast Welcomes New Cardiologist


Mercy Southeast welcomes a new cardiologist, Raphael Ngengwe, MD, who will be serving the Cape Girardeau community. Dr. Ngengwe specializes in cardiac electrophysiology.

As an electrophysiologist, Dr. Ngengwe treats issues related to the heart’s electrical system, which controls the rhythm of the heart. Examples of these conditions include atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation, atrial flutter and more. Dr. Ngengwe will be seeing patients at Mercy Clinic Heart and Vascular – Broadview.

“My philosophy of care is that what I do is more than a job or a career. It is a calling. A calling to help, heal and serve with the knowledge I was blessed to learn,” Dr. Ngengwe said. “I do not take this blessing for granted. ‘Voca’ in Latin means ‘to call’. I believe all I have achieved and all I have accomplished have been a calling to serve patients in what is my new home, Cape Girardeau.”

Dr. Ngengwe earned his medical degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in clinical cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular medicine and internal medicine. Dr. Ngengwe most recently served as an electrophysiologist with St. Bernard’s Heart and Vascular in Jonesboro, Arkansas.