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The Coming Solar Eclipse could mean Big Business!

Six weeks from today millions of people across North America will turn their gaze towards the sky as a total solar eclipse passes overhead. With Southeast Missouri right in the path of totality that means a big opportunity for visitors and business is coming this way.

As most of you are aware, on Monday April 8th a total solar eclipse will peak overhead just before 2pm in the afternoon offering more than four minutes of “totality” here in the Cape Girardeau area. This celestial event that only occurs every 18 months somewhere around the world draws enthusiasts and on lookers to its path to enjoy the experience.

According to estimates from, Southeast Missouri could see as many as 174,000 visitors to the region on that day as people travel in for the experience. Hotel rooms have been booked for a year and thousands of new visitors to the area will have an opportunity to explore and enjoy our community for the first time. For local businesses that means a fantastic opportunity to engage with a new audience as they visit the community.

While the vast majority of visitors will only be here for the day of the event, those that have booked hotels are most likely coming in the night before and maybe even staying for an extra day. Being open and accessible on Sunday and Monday will be important, especially for area restaurants and retailers that sometimes are closed on these two days of the week.

While I certainly understand the need for a day or two off, sometimes in business the key is seizing on opportunity when presented and there is certainly a terrific opportunity headed our way April 7-9.