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An Opportunity to Bounce Your Big Idea!

Have you ever encountered a problem or an issue at work and thought there should be a technical solution to this problem? Do you have ideas for an application or technical concept that could be a business but don’t know where to start? Thanks to a new program by Innovate SOMO, now is your opportunity to Bounce your Big Idea into reality!

Technical solutions to problems are all around us, and if you’re like me you will sometimes see a new business idea launched with enormous success and think to yourself, I had that same idea but didn’t know how to make it a business idea! With the support of the Innovate SOMO network now is the time to take that idea you have been mulling over and explore the opportunity to create a new business or startup!

The Bounce My Big Idea program launches this month and is a virtual, hands-on workshop for you to evaluate your ideas and explore the possibility or opportunity to build that into a business. Through live weekly sessions, One on One coaching opportunities, and access to a variety of tools and programs participants can go from concept to potential pitch in just four weeks.

Bounce My Big Idea is a prework session for the 120-Tech Startup program and leverages the experience and expertise of the Team at Codefi to help you turn an idea into a reality. To learn more visit or email for more details.

Signup deadline for the first Session on January 16 and Session 2 sign up closes February 13.