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Christmas Holiday

It’s December 25th and I want to start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! While most business activity is taking the holiday, there is still a segment of our business and public works that are spending their days working and today we want to recognize their efforts.

While it seems like everyone is closed for business on Christmas day, according to research shared at Christmas actually ranks 6th overall in percentage of businesses offering Paid Time Off or PTO for the day at 94%. Independence Day and Thanksgiving lead the way with 97%, followed by New Years, Memorial, and Labor Day at 96, 95 and 95 percent, respectively. Still a vast majority of working American’s are on paid holiday today for Christmas.

Those that may fall into that small 6% remaining tend to be members of our service industry including restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers that support everyone with time off or those that may be traveling and celebrating. Entertainment venues such as movie theatres are often open, and Christmas is traditionally one of their best business days of the year.

Safety and Care is another area where holidays don’t stop the work of our nurses and doctors, fire and EMS professionals and our police officers that continue to provide for the citizens every day of the year.

While many of us are enjoying a day off from the grind of business, I want to send a big Thank to everyone that is working on this holiday to help give the rest of us a Merry Christmas!