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Year End Business Review

The start of 2024 is only two weeks away, and a new year means new opportunities for business. Before we start focusing on future goals, now is a great time to reflect on 2023 and do a quick business or organizational review.

While a year-end review can be very detailed and focused on getting into the numbers, for most businesses or organizations taking some time whether you are a team of 1 or 51 doing a quick review of the year and progress can be helpful in looking forward to the next year.

First: Start with a good company overview. Identify key roles, people, products, and services and make sure you have a full picture of what your business is focused on. Identifying your organization’s values and mission can also be helpful in bringing the team in closer alignment moving forward.

Second: Review your Goals from the start of the year and what your accomplishments were. Make sure everyone knows what the goals for the year were and then identify how successful you were as an organization in accomplishing those goals. If goals or strategies shifted make sure to note how and why that happened.

Finally: Establish some Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and measure results. Looking beyond your goals to some key metrics for defined success will help to build a full picture of 2023 and setup your framework for the next steps in 2024.