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The Importance of Business News Coverage

Last week Jeff Long, Business Reporter for the Southeast Missourian retired from the role he has held locally for many years. As Jeff moves into his retirement adventure it gave me cause to reflect on the importance of local news coverage for business and community success.

Local news coverage is becoming an ever more important topic around the world as the business of news has navigated significant change. Between new platforms, mediums, and strategies around news and information, to new competition for resources through marketing dollars and subscribers the news industry in general is in a constant state of flux.

National and international platforms certain can capture attention and resources but they lack the coverage needed to tell stories at the community level and keep people informed. The people in our community attend events and activities to provide first person perspective and voice. The local radio station on the air each morning with local talent sharing personal engagements and having a keen knowledge of what activity and events are happening that are important to share.

For businesses local news has often been seen as a means to an end, with advertising being the main impact, and while this is certainly still important for business success, it’s also important to ensure that the local coverage continues to share our stories.

Whether we first look to our local television stations, or local radio stations, lor the local community newspaper. The work of so many individuals like Jeff Long that help share our stories is important for business and for the long-term success of our community. On behalf of our members that have been covered so well during Jeff's career. Thank you and good luck in your retirement!