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Recognition for work can boost business!

The end of summer and the start of the school year brought with it a fast and furious return to activities, meetings, and projects at the Cape Chamber. As I was reflecting on the variety of events, planning, and programs that our staff and volunteers work to coordinate I realized I needed to take some time to recognize the effort that everyone was making. For business leaders, taking time to recognize the work of your team can be beneficial in many ways.

Workplace satisfaction is a metric that is often measured by business magazines, organizations, and associations to gage a company’s work culture and how they are viewed as a potential employer. Many studies over the years have indicated that simply recognizing employees and or volunteers for their work can boost morale and job satisfaction significantly.

A July 2021 article in HR Digest shared that even small gestures or recognition can go a long way to help increase outcomes in employee productivity, loyalty, retention, happiness and satisfaction. Small gestures include simple things like verbal recognition in front of co-workers and peers, small non-cash rewards, personal or professional development opportunities, additional freedom and opportunity in their work, opportunities for peer-to-peer recognition and simply saying Thank You.

Retaining a talented workforce in this competitive environment is crucial to business success. As a business leader take time to step back, reflect on the work your team is doing and be sure to recognize that effort. Even a small gesture can have a substantial impact on your organization and that’s good for business.