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Finding Opportunity in Inconvenience

Over the years I have heard grumblings from community members, businesses owners and some of the general populace anytime a special event our activity possibly disrupts the norm of the community. This could include critical construction or infrastructure projects that alters traffic, community events or special programs that affect the use of public spaces, or maybe even a tourism events or activities that may require special accommodations, and an influx of people that can sometimes be overwhelming. Whatever the case maybe, in any challenge, there is also an opportunity.

Anytime things change outside of a businesses control that could impact their success it’s certainly frustrating. Complaining or fighting the change maybe a first inclination but taking a minute to look for the opportunity it may present could be a better strategy for long-term success. Here are a few quick pointers to consider when something disrupts your normal business operations.

Market the Change – If something is impacting you, it’s probably being experienced by others, use the change as your messaging to better connect with an audience and encourage them to embrace the change, even if it’s temporary, to support your business.

Incentivize Action – If your business is impacted there is certainly a loss that is felt, take advantage of that already lost revenue to pass it on to consumers that may make a special effort to come in. Even a small incentive can be worth the added hassle of change.

Identify Market Opportunities – When events or activities bring a different audience your way, embrace the opportunity to develop new customers with a focused strategy. Direct engagement, sampling, and being a supporting partner can lead to better support and engagement with a new audience and customers.

In the end change and conflict is inevitable and how you decide to let it affect your business or create opportunity for your business is up to you.