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The Value Veteran’s Can Bring as Employees

With increased competition and demand for finding workforce talent, its never been more important to find great talent to add to your organization. One area of talent that sometimes is overlooked is the opportunity to work with individuals that have recently left military service and are ready to move into the private sector for work opportunities. offers some great insights and observations on the benefits of hiring veterans in this 10 Reasons to Hire Vets. Two from the list stood out to me.

1. Veterans Are Entrepreneurial.
“Entrepreneurial doesn't mean veterans necessarily want to run off and start their own businesses. It means vets tend to have the same attributes that successful business owners have: self-efficacy, need for achievement, they don't need to be managed, are comfortable with uncertainty and make good decisions under pressure.” This type of thinking from employees helps strengthen and boost business success.

3. Veterans Are Adept at adjusting to the situation.
“The first casualty of war is the plan. In the military, troops learn to make do with what they have, wherever they are. Military members are trained to deal with situations when the plan goes awry. In response, military personnel will reorient their skills to deal with the evolving situation.” An employee with these skills is a great asset for any business.

These were just a couple of the great insights found in the article, if you are looking for talent and have opportunities in your organization. Connecting with some of our local veteran's organizations maybe a great start to helping identify future team members and leaders.