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The Value of a Growing Regional Airport

With a recently completed rebuild of Taxiway Bravo, the groundbreaking for a new modern terminal, and the coming addition of 20 high quality T-Hangars things area starting to Fly High at CGI and that’s good for business.

Cape Girardeau Regional Airport has been active in the news over the last year as they welcomed a new commercial service partner in Contour Airlines, partnered with local favorite the Pilot House to expand food service, started several new major investment projects and continued to host a variety of activity that includes, commercial, personal, business, educational, government and military service.

Some may look at the amount of investment going on and wonder what the impact will be, but from a business perspective, investment in the regional airport is good news for all of Southeast Missouri. During a presentation at First Friday Coffee last week, Airport Manager Katrina Amos shared that airport activity known as operations, have continued to increase every year since the pandemic, reaching almost 35,000 Itinerant and Local operations in 2022.

These operations serve not just commercial travelers and local traffic but a significant amount of business traffic and activity that comes through Cape Girardeu but connects to all of Southeast Missouri. This activity supports hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in the regional economy made possible by a growing and thriving regional airport.

If you haven’t taken time to visit the Cape Regional Airport to learn more about all the services it provides to the region and business community, now would be a great opportunity. If you decide you want a fun little getaway, just remember it’s easy and convenient to FLYCGI.