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Spring Cleaning!

Spring is officially here and hopefully the spring weather will be pleasant and long lasting this year. The seasonal transition to spring has traditionally implied renewal and refreshment as nature shakes off the dormancy of winter and blossoms anew. Spring can also be a great time for businesses to refresh and renew with a little Spring Cleaning!

Several business writers, journalist and thought leaders have offered opinions over the years on the idea of spring cleaning in business. Whether that is personal activity like decluttering your desk and your inbox. To the physical act of a spring cleaning around the office or store with extra attention paid to the client experience and their perspective. For businesses there are several ways you can participate.

One suggestion for businesses to clean up some of your programs and strategies to become more effective and create more time. Focus on wrapping up that project or idea that has been simmering for some time without real focus or effort. Consider letting go of something that is no longer effective but has been viewed as sacred. Maybe an old program, or marketing strategy that is not longer offering a good return on your investment of time or resources.

“Spring cleaning” is a great opportunity for business leaders to sit down and think about what changes can I make today that will make my organization better tomorrow, start small but think big and the natural growth of the season will follow!