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SB 94 Aims to Increase Film, TV, and Touring Events in Missouri

Missouri Senate Bill 94 known as the “Show MO Act” and the “Entertainment Industry Jobs Act” received first chamber support last Monday when it was approved by the Missouri Senate on a 20-12 vote. The goal of the legislation to provide incentives for Television, Film and Traveling Entertainment projects in Missouri that some say will put the State on more equitable ground to attract projects.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Denny Hoskins of Warrensburg, includes proposals for tax credit incentives for qualified motion media projects that film in Missouri, as well as proposed tax credits for individual taxpayers that have a Missouri Tax obligation for earnings gained while rehearsing or touring in the Show Me State. The goal of the legislation is to increase the number of productions that come to Missouri which can create an economic benefit for the community they are in.

Cape Girardeau is one of the strong examples of how a film project can create impacts both during the filming portion but also tourism that can be created once the project is completed. In the Fall of 2013 20th Century Fox filmed the movie “Gone Girl” in the Cape Girardeau Region. Audited reports provided to the Missouri Department of Economic Development indicated that the production invested close to $7.6 Million dollars in the state during the film project.

Due to the success of the film fans then began adding Cape Girardeau to their travel plans to come see some of the sights and experience the community that is prominently featured. In contrast recent successful Netflix Series Ozark, which is based in Missouri was actually filmed in Georgia, a state with some of the strongest incentive programs for the film industry that helps it attract multiple projects for both television and cinema.

The bill has now been referred to the Missouri house for consideration, with no timetable set for when they might vote on the legislation. From a community development perspective programs and incentives like SB 94 may have an initial cost to the state but can reap long term rewards for communities if used successfully. If film is something you're interested be sure to keep track of this interesting legislation aimed at growing business in Missouri.