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Business Policy HR Practices & Recreational Marijuana

On Friday, February 3, 2023, the State of Missouri officially joined 20 other US States and the District of Columbia as Recreational Marijuana sales began throughout the state. For businesses with employees this may mean a need to review your policies, procedures, and HR practices to ensure your in compliance and prepared.

With recreational sales getting the official greenlight from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services beginning last Friday the landscape of access and activity is changing when it comes to availability and use. For business owners and employers this expansion of access may create a need for learning and updating your policies and procedures and possibly even your HR practices.

The Society of Human Resource Management or SHRM is one of the leading national expert organizations when it comes to HR practices and policies. A look at their website can provide a wealth of knowledge and resources for employers to help guide them through this process and look at best practices found from states that are ahead of Missouri.

Of the variety of topics covered, questions and information around Pre-Employment Drug Testing Policies and how that may need to be adjusted in response. Updating your employee policy manual to reflect the changes and how it might impact your workplace, and being aware of what new rules and regulations may exist related to the new topic.

One area highlighted is the reminder that while the State of Missouri and many others have legalized recreational use, the Federal Government still classifies Marijuana as a Schedule 1 narcotic. For employers that may engage in Federal contracting or other projects, understanding what rules and regulations maybe in place at that level and how it impacts your business is key.

As with any new changes in policy, time and learning is critical to making the best decisions for your business long term. Look to resources available at the national, state, and local levels to help guide your process to support the long-term success of your business and the health of your employees.