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New Year’s Resolutions for Business

2022 is a wrap and 2023 is ready to begin. Looking forward to the new year ahead now is a wonderful time for business owners and leaders to think about New Year’s Resolutions.

New Years resolutions is a common tradition for individuals to set goals as they start anew with a fresh calendar. A great article by Jacqueline DeMarco on from 2021 highlighted 10 great resolutions that businesses could make to grow in the coming year. While the advice was originally for 2022, the same goals are still applicable for 2023 and here are my three favorite suggestions from the article.

First, Update your Business Plan. Hopefully, you have a business plan that helps guide your decisions and actions as a business owner or leader. With the changes of the last three years from the pandemic and economic shifts now is a great time to update that plan to better reflect the current situations and challenges your business faces.

While you’re at it, another great goal is to Refresh your Marketing Plan. The same shifts and that have affected business operations have also impacted your clients in some way. Taking time to examine how you our marketing your business, what your message is and how you are connecting to customers can be a critical step in finding new opportunities for growth and expansion in the new year.

The final goal to focus on is to Expand your Network. The pandemic pushed many of us inward and more focused on home and a smaller circle of family, friends, and associates. While this made both health and practical sense during the pandemic, it also led to a decrease in connectivity and relationships that help drive business development. Making a concerted effort in 2023 to expand and grow your business network can pay huge dividends to your bottom line at the end of the year. Take advantage of opportunities to connect and network throughout Southeast Missouri.

Happy New Year!