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Tricks and Treats to Keep the Last Two Months of the Year Productive

It’s the last day of October and that means we only have two months or approximately forty workdays left before 2023 begins. In the spirit of Halloween, it’s time to think about some tricks and treats that can help make the end of 2022 successful for your bottom line.

With the weather turning colder and hours of daylight getting shorter the last two months of the year can sometimes be difficult to keep attention focused on business. With several holidays, end of year activities and celebrations and the rush to use up remaining vacation time it feels like these can be the least productive months of the year if you aren’t in retail. Let’s talk about a few “Tricks” or “Treats” to keep your team focused and productive over the next two months.

The first trick is to increase your level of engagement as a leader. Whether your focused on planning and budgeting for 2023, trying to wrap up key projects or finding some time to wind down yourself, as the organizational leader your level of engagement can set the tone for the entire team. When it’s easy to pull back the “Trick” is to lean into the business. Whether you seek extra feedback and insights from team members on budget priorities, include more people in a project or activity or just get out of your office and join in on general business activity, your increased engagement will help increase your team’s engagement.

The next trick is to give your team time recharge. Studies show that as the days become shorter and winter weather starts to set our moods and energy can be negatively affected. Encourage your staff to take time to boost their energy with a walk outside, and quiet place to relax or simply making sure they take time to unplug and recharge when off work. Self-care can improve outcomes and productivity for you and your team.

Finally, don’t forget the “treats”! With the holiday season coming up make plans now to celebrate as a team in a way that is appropriate for your organization but shows your staff that you appreciate them. Now more than ever keeping talent can be a challenge and showing appreciation with a special treat can go a long way to improving the morale and commitment at work.