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About Jackson Solar, LLC “An ethical solution at an ethical price.”


Jackson Solar LLC, located in Jackson, MO, is owned an operated by Southeast Missouri State University Graduate Jacob Long, who graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Sustainable Energy Systems as it relates to solar energy. The belief of our company is that providing environmentally ethical solar energy generation systems, should come at a fair, honest, and ethical price, and that communities, no matter how big or small should work together to provide a cleaner earth for our generation and generations to come. For us it is so much more than running a business. Many fly-by-night solar companies, and door-to-door solar sales companies are jumping from city to city, unethically overcharging those unfamiliar with the solar industry, in many cases falsely educating them, and in turn created a poor reputation for going solar. Jackson Solar aims to change this with transparency in pricing, education, and loyal customer service provided to the community for now and many years to come! If you are interested in your free online energy report & consultation, visit us online at