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Business Values

Last week on the way to work I was listening to KRCU like normal, but the programming had shifted ever so slightly has the annual fall pledge drive began. As the local hosts took over for the break from Morning Edition to talk about the opportunity to support the focus on the conversation was about what listeners value and how their financial support can show that value. This had me thinking about a business’s values and how that can drive customer interaction.

Famed entrepreneur and Ice Cream dreamer Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s once said, "When you are led by values, it doesn't cost your business it helps your business.” His quote has an important message because it really focuses on action versus statement. It’s easy for an individual, a business, or an organization to “Say” what their values are. Many companies print them on big posters, put them on the front page of their websites, or include them in the signature lines in emails. That’s “Saying” what your values are.

Being “Led by your Values” implies action, incorporating your values into you actions as a business an organization or an individual. By living those values, you demonstrate them to your audience, and it’s Jerry’s belief, and mine as well, that it helps your business. Consumers today want connections beyond the transaction, specifically our younger generations put emphasis on doing businesses with companies that share their same values.

Circling back around to the values that message I heard last Thursday morning spoke to me about what I valued and made me think about the values of public radio and how they might align. According to their website NPR core values include “independence, fact-oriented, participatory, inclusiveness, and social justice.” As a lifelong learner, and community advocate the message of Values connected to me and I made sure to call and make my pledge as I got to the office that morning, to be led by my values. If that message rings true to you or your organization as well, I welcome you to join me and call to make your pledge today.