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Going Green Can Be Good for Business

Last week a large crowd gathered for the official ribbon cutting for the new Neighborhood Solar Project at the Show Me Center. This collaborative effort can be a model of how going “Green” can be good for business.

A joint clean energy project between SEMO University and AMEREN Missouri created a new sight on North Sprigg Street at the Show Me Center Parking Lot. 3,500 solar panels were installed as a canopy system to create some cover for the parking lot while generating enough energy to power 130 homes annually. This project is a notable example of a public-private partnership that can have great dividends for all parties involved.

Efforts to “Go Green” are big topics in the news and media, as we face changes in our climate and the impacts that may cause, now is a great time for businesses to look at ways they can help lessen their impact. Beyond the environmental benefits there can be many benefits for your business as well.

In an article on LinkedIn written by Charles Alexi entitled Green Energy: Benefits for Businesses he outlined several benefits to consider when looking at green energy projects. Citing EPA info, he highlighted the benefits of:

  • Cost Savings by reducing your energy consumption
  • Risk Management and Resilience as we face changing impacts from the weather
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations by demonstrating to your customers your efforts
  • Improved Employee Engagement which is critical during the current labor market shortage.

As you drive by and see the great project on the SEMO Campus, take some time to think about how greening up your business can be good for your image, your impact, and your bottom line.