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147th Republican Primary Forum

Just incase you missed the Candidate Forum on July 25th ; we have linked the video and have also highlighted each question with the time stamp attached.

Click here to watch the 147th Republican Primary Forum

1.       Transportation: In 2021 the Missouri Legislature passed a 5-year plan to increase the motor-fuel sales tax to provide additional resources for transportation infrastructure throughout the state. This past session several attempts to pause or repeal the plan were introduced in both chambers. What is your position on this plan and how would you vote if a proposal to pause or repeal was made in the next session? – 9:19


2.       Regional Partnerships: While the City of Cape Girardeau and Cape Girardeau County have been growing over the past two decades, the great Southeast Missouri region has been losing population, especially in the 20-45 age group. How would you approach working with fellow Representatives and colleagues in the Senate to support investment and activity to help the region grow as a whole? – 14:45



3.       Public Safety: In a 2021 poll by the Missouri Chamber of more than 600 CEOs throughout the State almost three-quarters of the respondents saw crime as hurting our local economy. In the 2023 Budget signed by Governor Parson’s the State of Missouri is investing a record amount of resources in public safety with some of that funding coming from one-time sources including surplus revenue and federal aid. What long-term plans would you support and advocate for at the state level to make resources available for public safety improvement including law enforcement, judicial activity, mental health services and crisis response, as well as education and training programs to reduce recidivism rates? – 20:13


4.       Education Funding: Education organizations at both the Secondary and Post-Secondary level are critical partners in developing a trained and available future workforce for the region. What priorities would you have as a State Representative for providing additional resources to support our regional educational institutions? – 25:46


5.       Childcare: Access to childcare has become a significant barrier for parents in Southeast Missouri, sometimes keeping them from rejoining the local workforce. What role can the State Legislature have in supporting resources, policies and strategies that can help increase affordable access to childcare in Southeast Missouri? - 32:32


6.       Housing: The cost of development for new housing has continued to skyrocket over recent years making the development of “affordable housing” almost unattainable. What role do you see the State Legislature taking to help communities invest in new infrastructure for growth or reduce cost related to redevelopment within the community? - 37:11


7.       Business Permitting/Licenses: The past two years of the pandemic have forced businesses and communities to invest in modern technology and strategies to stay active and in business. But when businesses need to interact with State Agencies and regulating bodies, they face delays and frustration when they must deal with antiquated systems and programs that have not been updated or modernized to reflect the current business climate. As a State Representative how would you push for modernization of State systems relating to business activity? - 42:30


8.       Transportation: As automakers ramp up production of Electric Vehicles over the next decade, what investments do you feel the State of Missouri should make in infrastructure that would support the increase of these vehicles on Missouri Roadways? - 48:25