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Road Construction is Good for Business

Summer is the height of construction season and while those orange cones and signs can sometimes be a pain to navigate, the benefits of investment in transportation infrastructure is good for business.

As we work toward the middle of summer and the upcoming Independence Day weekend, travel will be picking up and the familiar orange cones and signs of construction will be part of the travel plan. While these projects can mean delays or slowdowns one thing to remember is that overall, these improvements will be good for business and the area. A strong transportation network is key in several different ways.

First, is simply the movement of goods. Whether it means exporting out raw or finished products from our area businesses and manufacturers or bringing in the items that stock our shelves and showrooms of stores throughout the region. A safe and efficient transportation system is critical to allow the movement of goods to occur and keep businesses going.

Second, a strong network allows for easier transportation of labor. The Cape Girardeau area draws its workforce from throughout Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. Everyday, workers are traveling to and from the Cape region to provide the workforce needed for our businesses and industries to be productive.

Third, a strong transportation network helps to control prices. It may not seem intuitive but a strong and stable transportation network that includes, roadways, railways, water, and air travel help to keep prices stable by ensuring access to the products and goods needed for business

It’s easy to get frustrated by delays, detours, and the hassles of construction season, but as your traveling this summer, take time to slow down, give the construction and maintenance teams safe space and reflect on the power of a good transportation system in keeping business moving.