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Tips for Finding New Talent

Competing to find new talent in an already tight labor market can be exhausting for business owners, manager and hiring professionals. As we move into the summer season with seasonal employment needs starting to compete for labor, helping your business stand out to candidates will be critical.

Here are a few tips the U.S. Chamber highlighted as good strategies for businesses to explore.

  1. Put Your Network to Work – Word of mouth advertising and marketing is a staple of most businesses, especially small businesses. That same strategy can be helpful in your hunt for employees. Talk to your network including your staff, your customers, and your business associates. They may have a good lead that you do not want to miss.
  2. Promote Job Openings in the right places – If you have tried all the traditional channels for marketing your job openings start thinking about the best places to find the audience you are looking for. Smaller niche audiences and groups may yield better results, look for online forums and discussions for a new audience, try a new business conference to find top talent looking for new opportunities. Expand your strategies and opportunities to increase your lead generation.
  3. Share your Passion – Younger generations are driven to support causes more than opportunities, share why your business is a passion and can be something they can be passionate about as well. Job opportunities are abundant but working for a cause can be the deciding factor on what opportunity the candidate takes.
  4. Finally, Act Quickly – The competition for employees is at its peak right now, taking too long or stringing candidates along will encourage them to look elsewhere. When you find the right candidate act quickly and decisively to keep them on track.