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Cape County Has Been Growing According to 2020 Census Data

It is mandated by the U.S. Constitution, happens every ten years, and the results are used for many purposes.

Of course, I’m talking about the U.S. Census. The Census Bureau just released the raw numbers for the 2020 count. This data is used to determine seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, define legislative districts nationally, and at the state level, and to help determine how more than $675 billion dollars in federal funds are distributed. While these raw numbers don’t include a lot of detail, they do tell us a few things.

The United States grew 7.9%. The growth areas are overwhelmingly in and around metro areas. The state of Missouri only grew 2.8% but will not lose a seat in Congress.

Cape County grew by 8% - making it the 11th fastest growing county in Missouri by percentage. Of note, Cape’s growth percentage was higher than these counties: Buchanan, Jasper, Cole, Jackson, St. Louis, Jefferson, and many, many more. Cape County grew by more than 6,000 people with the following breakdown: City of Cape – 1600 (4.1%); Jackson – 1725 (12.5%); and the rest of the county – 2715 (about 9%). Lots of discussion about growth but also significant is the huge population losses in the areas we serve in both Missouri and Illinois. We will learn much more when the age breakdowns later when they are released. There are positives and negatives to be found in these numbers and all are important to business development.