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Another Record and a BIG Win

This past week brought another record and a big first for our area. And the two are tied together.

The latest monthly hotel/motel tax numbers for the city of Cape set a record – again – for monthly receipts. In fact, it shattered the previous record by 10%. Strong partnerships between Visit Cape, Parks and Recreation, our local hoteliers, and our residents continue to result in strong numbers of visitors and revenue to our area. This doesn’t happen by accident and hard work is paying off.

And the big first is the Prospect League Championship brought home by the Cape Catfish in only their second year of competition. In their inaugural season, 2019, they made it to the championship but fell in the final series. This year, they won it all. Congratulations to Andy and Anissa Patel, Mark Hogan, Jim Limbaugh, Cindy Gannon, the entire Catfish family, and the Catfish players.

Make no mistake, the two are closely related. It is common to see people from several other states at Catfish games as they follow certain players. Local leadership constantly looks for ways to bring people here resulting in a positive economic impact.

As we enter the end of summer and beginning of fall, we have several things to look forward to as we look to continue the momentum. Southeast Missouri State University fall sports is preparing to kick off and don’t forget the Shipyard Music Festival in September.