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Update on Generational Construction Projects in Cape/Jackson Metro

Granted, it is hot outside. But there are some pretty cool things going on in the area.

Summer is a time when many people are enjoying vacation and doing things to take a break from school and other activities. But some major construction projects are still underway in the Cape/Jackson metro.

The diverging diamond interchange project at the junction of Interstate 55 and U.S. 61, originally scheduled for completion by early November, could be finished in September. Motorists who travel between Cape and Jackson, or on Interstate 55 at mile marker 99, are anxiously awaiting the full opening of the intersection.

After a delay because of difficulty getting roofing materials, the $12 million new City Hall project along Lorimier Street is back on track. In late 2019, the city approved a design-build agreement with Penzel Construction Co., in partnership with architectural firm TreanorHL, to redevelop the 165-year-old Common Pleas Courthouse and adjacent Annex and construct a connecting addition at 44 N. Lorimier St. If everything continues to go well, the project should be completed in calendar 2021.

And construction of a new Cape Girardeau VA Health Care Center is expected to conclude in January 2022 with a facility opening date of February 1, 2022, planned. The facility is located at 711 S. Mount Auburn Road and the VA will hire approximately 100 new staff in addition to 30 current staff members before opening.

Yes, while some vacation, many others continue to work on generational projects.