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Retirement Announcement

There is a Time for Everything

This is a note to our awesome Chamber membership – past and present. Wanted to take just a few minutes and let you know I have decided this year, 2021, will be my last here at the Chamber. It has been a true honor and privilege to serve as your president and CEO since October 1993.

In that time, we (collectively) have been able to accomplish amazing things in this region. Through 29 different boards of directors, 28 different board chairs, thousands of volunteers, top-notch professional staff members, and great regional partners, we have all stayed committed to doing our best in the areas of economic development and community betterment. Numerous times, our Chamber, its staff, and our members have received state and national recognition for quality and success. The strength of this organization is amazing, and it will be exciting to see what comes next.

Yes, this is the right time. Our team at the Chamber/Visit Cape/MAGNET is strong and you, our membership, is relentlessly devoted to making a difference. We still have much to accomplish in 2021, so look for more information on new initiatives and efforts. We cannot pause or slow down.

While I am retiring from the Chamber later this year, I am not retiring. I am looking forward to being a member of this organization as I start my fourth post-collegiate career. (More to come on that later). Board Chair Aaron Panton will lead a team to search for the next president and Robbie Guard and the MAGNET Board will soon announce a plan to move forward as well. There is no doubt these teams will do a great job.
Thank you, Cape Chamber!

- John Mehner