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Acquiring Local Talent

While the month of May is known for many things, one of these could be a real benefit for our regional business community.

May is the biggest graduation month. In the Cape/Jackson metro we are blessed to have numerous public, private and parochial high schools as well as Southeast Missouri State University. These institutions serve as a direct pipeline of talent local employers need to recognize and take advantage of.

Our area high schools produce between 750 and 1,000 graduates annually. And statistics show more than one third of those do not go on to higher education environments. Southeast Missouri State University graduates around 2,000 annually with either undergraduate or graduate degrees. That represents around 3,000  graduates a year with between 2,000 and 2,500 looking for work.

There are numerous ways for employers to take advantage of opportunities to tap this potential workforce. The university has a placement office charged with helping graduates find employment. They also sponsor job fairs and work to facilitate internships.

Local high schools participate in several different programs with the business community designed to raise awareness of job opportunities for their students. Both the Show-Me Careers Educator Experience and Connect Cape have benefits for employers, students and educators.

In this continued time of a tight labor market we are fortunate to have resources to help us with an ongoing supply of workers. However, we all must partner to find the best way maximize opportunities and benefits.