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Spring Clean Your Small Business with These 6 Tips

Spring cleaning applies to more than the home! As we settle in to the second quarter of the year, it’s time to refresh and clear the clutter to ensure you’re still on track for success. Here are six “spring cleaning” tips to keep your business set up for a productive and profitable year.


1. Review your security policies

With over 300 million ransomware attacks in 2020 (an increase of 62 percent from the previous year), IT security measures now need to be a top priority for any organization.

According to VP of Information Technology at CPU, Tom Albertson, important questions as part of your annual internal IT Security Audit include:

• Is your Firewall configured properly and updated with the latest firmware?
• Do all computers have active and up to date Antivirus software?
• Do all users have strong passwords in place?
• Is Multi-Factor Authentication being used?
• Is there any email security product implemented to prevent phishing, spam, and identity theft?
• Do you have a good daily backup of your critical business data, both on-site and in the cloud, as part of a Disaster Recovery Plan?

"The last bullet is probably the most important of them all. If your systems get compromised, or if your building gets hit with a natural disaster, a good backup will enable you to fully recover your business operations in a timely fashion," says Albertson.


2. Tidy up your website

Did you know 93% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine search of websites? It’s no secret your website can help your business grow. In addition to providing ease of access to customers, websites also show your professionalism. However, if you let much-needed changes fall through the cracks, websites can sometimes do damage. Now is a great time to review your website and make updates. Whether it’s content, images or just a few minor refreshes, updating little details makes a big difference.


3. Review your vendor relationships

When’s the last time you took a good hard look at who you’re doing business with? To make sure you’re getting the maximum value for your dollar, it’s important to evaluate your vendors periodically. Whether it’s accounting and tax services services, pest control, or IT support, be sure to consider your fellow Cape Chamber members for your business services.


4. Freshen up your environment

Keeping a clean environment not only communicates professionalism, but also helps motivate employees. “It’s hard to convince employees that they need to act professionally and put on a professional face for clients if everyday they’re trudging past holes in the walls or threadbare carpet,” says business analyst David Treece. After giving your office a nice clean (check out these Chamber member cleaning services) how about giving your space a facelift with the help of an interior designer?


5. Organize your inbox

Organizing emails can be a time-consuming, semi-painful process, but it’s critical. If you’ve been procrastinating getting your inbox under control, check out these 12 email management tips. If you’re feeling extra motivated, try tackling your file organization.


6. Evaluate your staffing needs

With the hustle and bustle of the new year behind you and the promise of a “return to normal” within closer reach, take a moment to consider your staffing needs. You may simply need to shuffle some current employees and responsibilities around to cover your needs. Or, you may need to add to your team. If hiring a new employee is the route you need to take, be sure to advertise your opening on the Cape Chamber’s Job Board.


Giving your business a good spring cleaning brings renewed energy and creates opportunities to realize more success. Your business, your employees, and your customers will all thank you.