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Quality of Life in 2021

Every Monday at 6:42 a.m. and 8:42 a.m., Chamber President & CEO, John Mehner, provides information on what's happening in the area of regional development in Southeast Missouri on KRCU. Listen live on 90.9 FM. 

I have a feeling this important component of a vibrant community is only going to be more highly regarded in 2021 and beyond.

Quality of life is a much used phrase in the marketing materials of just about every area. But exactly what is quality of life and how do you measure it? And, following a global pandemic, will certain community traits become even more important?

Several indicators are widely recognized in defining quality of life. They are education, the economy, public safety, natural environment, health, social environment, government, and recreation/culture. These are important to all community members regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. And 2020 taught us a diverse economy, quality and accessible health care, flexible education offerings, and outdoor opportunities are so very important.

It is necessary to be able to measure these and it is easier to do now than ever. Wages, job growth, crime statistics, graduation rates, education opportunities, air quality, and recreation programs are just a few categories where numbers are readily available.

We believe, as do many, the Cape/Jackson MSA is positioned very well to take advantage of an emerging trend of people and businesses considering leaving the larger metro areas for smaller ones with a better quality of life.

In 2021, take time to enhance the opportunities in these specific areas so you can positively impact our local quality of life.