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Looking for FRESH talent? Tap into CTC’s WORKFORCE WEDNESDAY program!

CTC knows that nearly all sectors of business & industry struggle to find skilled & reliable employees. Getting talent and opportunity to connect isn't always easy, and we want to help.

When people make face-to-face connections, they are more likely to remember the experience and build on that relationship. So each Wednesday from September-April we invite local business & industry to come meet your future employees!

We think it’s important that our students have opportunities to practice soft skills, introduce themselves to employers and gain exposure to the wide array of businesses and employment opportunities our area has to offer!

How does CTC’s Workforce Wednesday work?
• Schedule a WW date at CTC
• Meet students & instructors & promote your business
• Hire CTC students & celebrate the perfect win-win!

The week before your visit with us, we push out announcements to the students & staff letting them know about our visiting employer(s) and list jobs you currently have available. During most of the school year our students are in training and will not likely be ready for F/T employment -- this is the perfect time to visit to begin building those relationships & educating them about what skills & attributes you’ll be looking for when it comes time to hire. Employers who offer P/T employment opportunities are also always welcome as these jobs allow students to develop skills while also earning extra cash.

During your WW visit you’ll spend the better part of a day with us, but you can access our Wi-Fi to work remotely and many employers have commented on how much work they’ve been able to get done while away from their home office.

There is no cost to participate in the program -- we simply ask that you let us know if you hire one of our students. Our hope is that both your company and our students will come away with a greater awareness of the opportunities and talent available here locally and that it's a win-win opportunity for both parties. As an added bonus, visiting businesses are invited to indulge in our Culinary Arts program’s legendary lunch buffet held each Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.!

If you’re interested in the WORKFORCE WEDNESDAY program, contact Workforce Development Coordinator, Kathleen Clayton at | 573-334-0826 ext. 6513.

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