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Grass Roots Motorcycles New Consignment Service
Grass Roots Motorcycles wants to help you get organized and clean up some clutter. Bring us your motorcycle gear and accessories/farkle and we'll turn it into cash to help you fuel your fall riding.

Our consignment extraordinaire, Mira, tags everything as she receives it, so nothing gets lost. Then takes the time to research each item for accurate pricing, to bring the biggest return in the least amount of time. After that involves taking lots of pictures, putting up online ads, as well as featuring some items in the Grass Roots Motorcycles showroom, or contacting interested individuals who may be in the market for a given item.

Bring us gently used, premium brand gear, accessories/farkle, bags, electronics, etc. Please wash all garments and check to see that bags have all required straps. Also, helmets in good condition and less than seven years old, examples include: Arai, Shoei and Schuberth.
You get 55% of the profit and Grass Roots gets 45%. PayPal and eBay fees come out of our end, either way. We cover any shipping differential (what the buyer doesn't cover) and return liability (if it sells, then is returned, it’s our problem). Your money will sit in an account you can use at Grass Roots Motorcycles, or you can get a check. Drop off your items any time during regular business hours.
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