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It's Time You Meet Our Developing Partners

We are fortunate to have several members who go above and beyond to ensure the success of the Cape Chamber - ten of which invest a higher level as a Developing Partner. We're sharing some of the wonderful experiences we've had with these businesses, and we hope you will too!


Ameren Missouri

"Ameren Missouri remains a consistent supporter of our Chamber and our area. They are investing many dollars in their Missouri infrastructure and remain a leader in economic development support."

- John Mehner, Cape Chamber President & CEO


Benton Hill Investment Co.

"The team at Benton Hill Investments have brought so much wisdom and support to the community over the years. Often times they work in the background but the results are very beneficial to the community."

- John Mehner, Cape Chamber President & CEO


Boulder Construction/Plaza Tire/The Rhodes Group

"Scott and Mark Rhodes not only operate great, successful regional business, but they also play a major role in economic development for the region. They are also very involved in the community and support numerous efforts."

- John Mehner, Cape Chamber President & CEO


Drury Southwest

"When I think of Drury Southwest some of what comes to mind is hard working, steady, honest, and forward thinking.  I truly appreciate the wisdom, insight and experience they provide when we are in a meeting.  I've noticed that as I look around the room when Kevin Whitfield and Dennis Vollink are speaking; all eyes and ears are open to what they have to say.  What an asset it is to have them and the Drury Southwest team they represent, on the Chamber team!"

- Michele Litzelfelner, Cape Chamber Member Relations Manager


Merrill Lynch

"The Ozbun, Deimund, Beckham Group understand how important community and family are.  They serve their clients with the most genuine respect and utmost confidentiality.  Being supporters of the Chamber is just one way they give back to the communities they serve."

- Michele Litzelfelner, Cape Chamber Member Relations Manager


Midamerica Hotels Corporation

"To have business owners understand the value of engaging and actively participating in the Chamber to capitalize on their membership investment provides us encouragement in the work we do.  I sincerely appreciate that Dan and Diane Drury not only attend meetings and functions, but they engage and provide constructive feedback.  This is invaluable to us as we are always striving to keep a pulse on the businesses in our region."

- Michele Litzelfelner, Cape Chamber Member Relations Manager



"While the economic value of Procter & Gamble is huge to this area through the superior quality products they make, along with their recruitment and retention of local and global diverse talent; the social impact they have on the community is a leading driver for them.  This is why we see them providing resources and participation in local causes in a big way." 

- Michele Litzelfelner, Cape Chamber Member Relations Manager


Southern Bank

“Southern Bank is an avid supporter not only of the Cape Girardeau region, but our local Chamber as well. From investing as a Partner to volunteering on committees, Southern Bank is always ready to help and we could not be more grateful for all they do.”

- Taylor Laws, Cape Chamber Marketing & Communications Specialist 


The Bank of Missouri

"The Bank of Missouri has been able to maintain a hometown feel even as they have continued to grow over the past several years.  That tells me they care about community.  In fact, we can always count on their employees to represent with their attendance at events and involvement in our Chamber programs and committees. We appreciate that!"

- Michele Litzelfelner, Cape Chamber Member Relations Manager


US Bank

"For nearly 40 years U.S. Bank has been a member of the Cape Chamber and encouraged their team members to be invovled in various capacities.  Aside from attending events, many have served on our board and/or a committee or two. Janet Jansen and her team are not only committed to their partnership with us but also dedicated to serving our region."

- Kim Voelker, Cape Chamber Vice President

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