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Membership that Matters

You may have heard we are in the thick of our annual Membership Drive at the Cape Chamber.

While I could go on for days about why membership with the Cape Chamber is a wise investment (it is my job, after all), I’d prefer to keep my bias out of it and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Each year, the Cape Chamber releases an annual report. This document not only serves as a great reminder of why your Chamber exists, but outlines exactly what we’re up to. If you are considering Chamber membership, or would just appreciate a refresher, let’s review these numbers and break down some information.

In 2018, the Cape Chamber…

Consisted of 1,504 representatives representing 856 businesses. Of those 1,504 representatives, 287 were new in 2018.

There are more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce across the country. Each operate slightly different when it comes to membership structure. At the Cape Chamber, the business joins as the member with representatives listed within the membership. We offer four levels of investment – the benefits of each are the same, the only difference in levels is the number of representatives you have involved. You can learn more about the levels of membership here.

Hosted 79 ribbon cutting and ground breaking ceremonies.

At the Chamber, we are involved in many things related to economic development and community betterment. Like many of you, we stay busy and both time and significant events can pass us by if we aren’t careful. So, we make sure we celebrate as often as possible!

One of our favorite ways to celebrate is through ribbon cuttings and ground breakings. Few things are as exciting to a business owner as the day they open, expand, or recognize a significant anniversary. As a Chamber, we enjoy organizing and participating in the celebration.

Offered 262 opportunities to connect.

The Cape Chamber understands the importance of offering networking opportunities for our members to establish and strengthen relationships. Every month we have two foundational events recognized as tremendous networking gatherings - First Friday Coffee and Business After Hours. Both are free to our membership.

In addition, we offer events to connect for our Women’s Network, Chamber Young Professionals, Grow Strong, Exchange Network, and more. If you want to make more meaningful connections for your business, keep an eye on our calendar, and join us at one of our next events.

Shared your information on the Membership Directory with 422,362 views.

One of the beautiful things about membership with the Cape Chamber is that you don’t have to attend every event to get value out of your membership! In addition to the various other non-event benefits, the Membership Directory is always working for you – sharing your business’ information and sending people to your website.

Graduated 30 participants from Leadership Cape.

The Chamber oversees several strong programs benefiting the Cape Girardeau community in a multitude of ways. Leadership Cape is one of the longest standing of these programs with over 773 graduates to date.

Matched more than 50 students in the connectCAPE program.

Less than 20% of Southeast Missouri State University graduates will live and work in the Cape Girardeau area. Additionally, many students graduate with limited experience in their chosen profession. connectCAPE helps to bridge the gap between local employers and students through a mere eight hours of job shadowing. Established in 2016, connectCAPE has recently expanded to not only include University students, but high school students as well.

Worked 14 active economic development projects representing 415 new jobs and $51 M in investment.

Through a contract with the organization, the Cape Chamber oversees the operations of Cape Girardeau Area MAGNET – the organization responsible for economic development in our region. When you invest in the Cape Chamber, you are investing not only in your future, but the future of Cape Girardeau also as we work to remain the regional hub for business, education, and healthcare.

Retained 87% of our members.

The Cape Chamber stands above both the overall national average retention rate for Chamber of Commerce (85.5%) and the average retention rate for Chambers of our size (84%). We work hard each and every day to meet our members where they are and help them in every way we can. I'd like to think that this attributes not only to our great retention rate, but also the fact that 48.83% of our members have been members for over 10 years - that's impressive! And we are so thankful to have so many folks supporting our mission year after year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cape Chamber, there is no better time than now! Our 2019 Membership Drive runs through May 10 and includes a variety of incentives. If you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by. Our doors are always open, and the coffee is always warm at 220 North Fountain.

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First Friday Coffee
First Friday Coffee

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Ribbon Cutting

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Women’s Network

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Business Visit

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