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Leadership Cape Presentations

As the 30th year of Leadership Cape draws to a close, per tradition, Chamber members were presented an array of community improvement projects developed by Leadership Cape participants at First Friday Coffee. While several projects through the years have come to fruition, the goal of the projects is to improve leadership skills by intentionally exposing participants to the realities of working with different personality types. 

From a celebration of cultural diversity to the implementation of additional transportation options, the projects were innovative, thoughtful, and quite impressive. Take a look! 


Cape Cultural Festival

Team members | Darren Burgfeld, Dawn Guynn, Katie Hill, Ryun Holloway, Wyky Jean, Annette Mounts, and Karen Seabaugh

"The Cape Cultural Club is excited to announce the Cape Cultural Festival. This is a family-friendly event in Downtown Cape. The event is a celebration of diversity and aims to promote, encourage, and celebrate cultural diversity in our community. The event will showcase food, dance, music, and art from a variety of cultural backgrounds. 

The event kicks off with a parade in downtown on Saturday morning, a food truck tour, pop-up art galleries, and street performers scattered throughout the downtown area. The event will come to a close Saturday night with a surprise music group."

Check out the full presentation


Downtown Cape Girardeau Ambassadors

Team members | Victor Brownlees, Dharshaka Dias, Lucas Dirnberger, Kelly Felter, Dustin Koerber, Sarah LaVenture, and Mia Pohlman

"The Merriam Webster dictionary defines an ambassador as an authorized representative or messenger, an unofficial representative. Ambassadors have been in service since the 14th century. The concept is not a new one. In fact, ambassadors and downtown ambassador programs in particular, are on the rise, and with good reason. Communities that are welcoming and create a safe city center for residents and visitors alike have seen major improvements that are captured in measurable outcomes. Our downtown continues to thrive and grow and public and private investment continues to increase. We believe a program such as the Downtown Cape Girardeau Ambassadors would enhance and strengthen our community.

When developing our program we looked at several communities with successful downtown ambassador programs. In our research, it was evident that there is not a cookie cutter program. Each community is unique, therefore each program is unique. Our proposed program is no different. We have looked at the needs of our downtown community and asked ourselves what the best ways to address those needs are. How can we set up our ambassadors to be successful? What can we do to make a difference in our community and set it apart from the rest? Here is a look at our proposed downtown ambassador program."

Check out the full presentation


Scootin' Thru Cape

Team members | Timbre Craig, Tyler Welker, Adam Glueck, Kim Dixon, Chelsea Dillick, Stephen Schott, Brock Crowley

"Southeast Missouri State University and Downtown Cape Girardeau face many issues when it comes to the congestion and parking due to the increase of population over the past several years. The issue is frequently discussed and poses a significant problem around the area. The downtown Cape Girardeau region is a prominent place for Southeast students and Cape residents to explore local attractions and socialize with others in the community. Therefore, parking and congestion will continue to be an issue without new innovative options being brought to Cape that not only benefit the consumers, but also the local businesses.

Our solution is to implement a smart, affordable electric scooter rental company that allows consumers to connect to the people and places in their city. The scooters would allow consumers to ride in the downtown area by simply downloading an app, locating a scooter, scanning a QR code, and taking off. The scooters would help reduce traffic on SEMO campus and downtown, as well as, free up parking spots in those same area. Scooter speeds would be regulated and the app would communicate no riding zones. Once consumers are finished with the scooters, they simply drop them off and the next rider can pick them up. All scooters would be picked up and put away by 11:00 p.m."

Check out the full presentation 



Team members | Stephanie Blest, Christy Easley, Brad Rogers, Rhett Obermann, Paul Blake Ozbun, Kaleisha Walker

"Shop Cape is an online marketplace solution that allows the hometown stores in Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri to have the opportunity to sell throughout the region. The goal of Shop Cape is to help local retailers thrive and help to support the brick and mortar businesses at an online level. 

Shop Cape is an e-commerce platform that allows consumers the opportunity to shop local community stores, shops and boutiques from any location at their convenience using a phone, tablet or computer. Shop Cape allows the consumer to find goods from local stores at the touch of a finger.

This online e-commerce platform was created to solve a local problem and deepen shopping relationship with local stores. will create the opportunity for online transnational sales between shoppers and Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri stores.

Supporting small businesses, there is no Shop Cape warehouse - just all of the local businesses making their products available to our customers at the click of a finger. This will help to make the process easy, helping customers connect and find something unique through one online resource."

Check out the full presentation


Town Central

Team members | Hannah Seesing, Steve Naeter, Jake Garrard, Tiara Ross, Blake Lingle, Sam Rhodes, and Rebeka Wright

"Though the City is blessed with a plethora of service organizations and church affiliated outreach groups, the typical parent or guardian may only know of a hand full of opportunities for their teen.  Team Town Central plans to fill this void with a mentoring version of what Codefi has done for the tech and entrepreneurial market of Cape Girardeau by centralizing and networking all of the groups including Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Honorable Young Men’s Club, and the Tiger Lilies into a single physical location reminiscent of Teen Town of yesteryear. 

At Town Central, groups can meet and host guardians can discover and utilize all there is to offer, students can have a tech-friendly, safe environment for study and play, and events can be held to guide and shape Cape’s future leaders and citizens."

Check out the full presentation



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