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Celebrating New Business | Cape Martial Arts

We love celebrating new business at the Cape Chamber!

In 2018 alone, Cape Girardeau welcomed more than 250 new businesses, and we think it's time you get to know some of our Chamber members that have recently opened their doors to our community.

Up next is the father-daughter duo, Tony and Veronique Cain, sharing about their business, Cape Martial Arts...


Cape Martial Arts cannot express how excited we are to be a part of this community. Legally, our business entity was created at the end of 2016 however, due to personal matters we had to delay going forward with the concept. Now that we’re able to focus on the business, we are moving forward at full speed. 

We are a martial arts school, but we want to emphasize that we are not just a martial arts school. We’ve licensed with an organization called SKILLZ Worldwide for dynamic, age-specific curriculum – something Cape has never seen. The SKILLZ program is unique because they have researched the different stages of development that children encounter both physically and psychologically, then created a program designed to enhance their ability to develop into the best they can be.

Something we are looking forward to really pushing out into the market is the newest program developed by the SKILLZ team called Spectrum SKILLZ. Spectrum SKILLZ is a program designed specifically for children 7+ who are on the Spectrum for Autism and is designed to allow them the ability to learn martial arts in a safe and efficient manner.

Although all of this is based around traditional Tae Kwon Do, it is taught using the information learned about a child’s development and the need to fit the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social needs (P.I.E.S) of the individual based on their age or ability.

“But wait! There’s more!”

Cliché, but it’s true.

We’ll also be offering day camps during the summer months and during the school year when there may be a school cancellation day. Even more, we’ll have an array of events throughout the year including self-defense seminars, bullying seminars, birthday parties, after-school programs, parent-night-out parties, and more.

Our business front will be equipped with a rich retail area providing all things martial arts related – sparring gear, equipment, t-shirts, weapons, keychains, and probably some fun ninja figurines. We will also have free coffee and fun conversation for everyone who stops in!

The business is owned and operated by Tony Cain, father, and Veronique Cain, daughter, both Nationally Certified 3rd Dan Black Belts through the US Chung Do Kwan. Tony grew up in the business world with his parents having owned and operated multiple businesses and has an extensive background in Management, Training, Teaching and Business Consulting. Veronique is a vibrant and energetic business entrepreneur who is completing her Business Degree at SEMO and working full-time in addition to handling all the events, activities, marketing and some Instruction for CMA.

Joining the Chamber will allow us to learn more about Cape and find better ways to help the people in this area. Beyond serving our direct consumers, we want to contribute a positive influence community-wide and help strengthen Cape’s economic and social atmosphere. We believe that success is not an independent venture.

It was important to us to join the Chamber not only for opportunity to engage and partner with other businesses, but to find ways to help each other succeed and grow the Cape Girardeau area. Working together and promoting each other is the way we believe that not only can we be successful, but others can be too. We look forward to a long relationship with the community of Cape Girardeau.



For more information about Cape Martial Arts, contact Tony or Veronique Cain

766 S Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, MO 6370 | 573-381-0111 | Facebook Page

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Joseph Cubria JUNE 12 2019
Being new to this area, I was excited to attend this ribbon cutting ceremony. As a former Karate student, I was very impressed with this Dojo. Along with the amazing programs they offer, this will be a great addition to the Cape area.

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