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5 Reasons to Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Are you looking for new ways to market your business?

Are you a mompreneur seeking out more local or industry-based connections? Your greatest resource might be right in your own backyard.

The Cape Chamber offers tons of opportunities to connect with local business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in your community. Local Chambers help enhance economic prosperity throughout the community by significantly boosting the reputation and image of members' businesses.

If you’re not sure if joining the Chamber is a wise investment, here are five reasons to join your local Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. Gain Credibility Within Your Community

Joining the Cape Chamber can be a huge credibility booster. In fact, Chamber membership can boost your business’ reputation by 57%

Consumers often use the Chamber as a resource when seeking out local goods and services. As more and more community members and consumers perceive your business as reliable, you’ll increase your potential for more referrals and new business deals.

The Cape Chamber supports you as you experience this growing positive perception of your business. As a member of the Cape Chamber, you will receive a membership plaque, window cling and an e-plaque to assure visitors you’re part of a great network. You may even have the opportunity to serve as a featured author on a Chamber blog post or be interviewed for a feature in a Chamber ad or article, further expanding your credibility.

2. Enjoy Endless Networking Opportunities

Membership to the Cape Chamber includes entrance to ongoing networking events. Each month, the Cape Chamber hosts First Friday Coffee and Business After Hours to give our members the opportunity to establish connections. Building community connections is a great addition to your marketing strategy that proves time and time again to help you grow your business.

3. Extend Your Voice to Local and State Government

Politics can be messy—and small businesses are usually the ones more affected by new and changing regulations, taxes, fees, or other mandates passed by local and state governments. Chamber members and Chamber committee members have a strong voice in the dealings of these negotiations.

The Cape Chamber is committed to protecting the community of local businesses and is a powerful force in opposing or fighting for regulations that could harm or impact the business community. When a group of businesses comes together to make a stand on an issue (like zoning, new business regulations, or fees) their voices are more impactful and more likely to be heard.

4. Experience a Flexible Range of Support and Events

You may be thinking that your business is too small or your schedule is too busy to get involved in and attend Chamber meetings or events. But we understand that and support all members of the community with a wide range of events — from networking opportunities to business growth and development seminars. If you can’t spare any time at the moment, you can still benefit from our members-only resources, membership listings, information sharing, and business referrals and discounts.

5. Invest in the Future of Your Community

One thing that sets the Cape Chamber apart from many other Chambers is that by investing in membership, you are not only investing in the future of your business, but the future of your community as well. The Cape Chamber is an innovative problem solver – we spend 100% of our time on issues of economic development and community betterment, and our work results in a better quality of life for everyone in our area. When you sign the dotted line, you are signing on to support our ongoing efforts to improve the state of workforce in our region, to bring business to our community, and more!

Do you belong to the Cape Chamber? If not, why wait? I invite you to become a part of the Cape Chamber community during our annual Membership Drive - happening May 6-10, 2019. There's no better time than now to start growing your business through Chamber membership -  plus there's some pretty great incentives involved too!

  • Waived enrollment fee
  • Chamber Cash
  • Featured on Facebook
  • Presidential Dinner

Click here to join today!



Blog content adapted from the Work at Home Woman

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