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What is the Cape Chamber?

The Chamber is a stand-alone not for profit, membership organization. We spend 100% of our time on economic development and community betterment issues.

We are not part of any governmental entity. We exist because of, and FOR, our members. The Chamber is not simply the people who work with me at 220 North Fountain Street. The Chamber is our membership working in concert with our team.

It is through our member’s support we are able to accomplish the many things we do every day. It is the Chamber, working closely with many local partners, that takes the lead on business recruitment and expansion efforts. It is the Chamber that takes the lead on advocating at the local, state, and national level for a strong business environment. It is the Chamber that takes the lead on developing tomorrow’s local leaders, area young professionals, and working women. It is the Chamber that takes the lead on many local community development issues. And it is the Chamber that has been doing this for more than 100 years. The Chamber is uniquely positioned to lead, build partnerships, and get things done. All these things positively impact regional business.

Listen to Let’s Talk Business each week on KRCU. Read the local papers and watch local television. The Chamber and its accomplishments are front and center.

Each of you has an opportunity to be part of something very special. Become a member of the Cape Chamber during our 2018 Membership Drive and receive: 1) waived $25 enrollment fee , 2) $25 Cape Chamber Cash, and 3) promotion of your business on the Cape Chamber's Facebook Page.

Call Dana Brune with any questions at 573-35-3312 or apply online today!

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Through Chamber membership, you can broaden your business contacts and referrals, enhance your leadership and professional skills and participate in projects that positively affect our area.

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