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Tales From The Top

Last week the Chamber Young Professionals had our annual tales from the top event. Three incredible area leaders spoke to our group and shared some great stories and advice. Here is a very SMALL taste.

The first speaker was Brian House, owner of Chick-fil-A in Cape. Anyone who’s even driven by his business knows he’s had success. Brian says the most important thing is the people, saying “I get to know my team and I invest in them.” This strategy has helped him create an incredible culture where team members extend that caring attitude to the customers. As Brian said, you can go anywhere and get a chicken sandwich, but the “handshake of the host improves the taste of the roast.”

Our next speaker was Abbie Crites-Leoni, U.S. Magistrate Judge. She has long been a fighter for law and justice. She says, “you have an opportunity on this earth to do something great.” Abbie shared some excellent advice with the group: “It’s important to say yes, but make sure you have a limit on it because time is the most precious resource we have as human beings.”

Finally, Dwain Hahs, the mayor of Jackson, spoke about his extensive business background with Bausch and Lomb, where he led a team of around 7,000 people at one point. Mayor Hahs says the best way to address conflict and get people on board is to “communicate, communicate, communicate!” He moved many times throughout his career, living all around the world, and with that perspective, he is very high on the quality of life in Jackson and Cape.

We are fortunate to have incredible people in this community who are willing to be a part of events like this and share their stories. A big thanks to these three and all those who continue to give back to Cape year after year. 

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