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Jackson Spec Building

The Jackson Industrial Development Committee, or JIDC, recently embarked on a journey to add more inventory with the construction of a spec building located on six acres in the city limits of Jackson, Mo. It is a 50,000 square foot facility with 30-foot ceilings completed in 2016. 

There are a few key elements to the spec building that make it attractive to businesses. Many modern companies need facilities with high ceilings that much of our aged infrastructure is unable to accommodate. The 30 foot ceilings will be adequate for most businesses. 

Additionally, the spec building is really a blank slate. The foundation and arteries already exist and the guts can be added specifically as needed by the new tenant or owner. Most businesses like the idea of having a new facility, built to suit, that can be ready to go much quicker than if they were starting from scratch. 

There are potential new businesses considering our community every day. The Jackson spec building is one piece of inventory that makes our region more attractive for consideration. There are of course many other buildings available in the region. Ultimately the goal is to connect a potential business with a facility that matches their needs…then and only then will we have a chance of bringing those jobs to our region. 

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The Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Investment Act (SB 190)

Economic Development / Cleaner and Renewable Energy / Smart Grid Investment

The electric grid is the backbone of our economy. By making thoughtful adjustments to Missouri’s energy regulations as part of a broader economic development initiative, Missouri can develop a forward thinking energy policy that will allow Ameren Missouri to create more than 3,000 jobs statewide building the next generation of smart grid infrastructure backed by more than $1 billion in investment. Working together, we can help power the state’s economy as we build a smarter, stronger energy grid for Missouri customers.


  • Stimulates hundreds of millions of dollars of investments in advanced technology and smart grid infrastructure. Encourages qualifying large businesses to expand.
  • Boosts statewide economic development, creating more than 3,000 direct and indirect jobs as a result of Ameren Missouri investments.
  • Expands the clean energy economy, including biopower, which would support Missouri farmers and agriculture.


  • Smarter equals faster, which saves time and money. Smart grid technology prevents some outages and restores power more quickly when outages do occur.
  • Gives customers new choices, convenience and controls to better manage energy usage and costs.
  • Missouri’s reliability today is in the top 25%, but maintaining and keeping pace with the level of service expected requires building smarter energy infrastructure now.
  • Protects customer data and critical infrastructure by better detecting and stopping physical and cyber threats.


  • Much of our electric grid is 50 years old or older.
  • Grid investment is needed to protect reliability and improve reliability in the future.
  • Missouri is one of only four states that has not taken steps to modernize its regulatory framework. All of Missouri’s neighboring states have taken steps to support greater investments in their grids. This puts Missouri at a disadvantage when competing for economic development and jobs.
  • Supportive public policies, such as The Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Investment Act:
    • Create jobs and economic growth.
    • Benefit customers by providing even greater service dependability.
    • Reduce power outage frequency and duration.
    • Help keep electric rates more stable and predictable for the long-term.


  • The legislation maintains strong Missouri Public Service Commission regulatory oversight of energy companies.
  • It enables increased investments in renewables and smart grid technology.
  • It results in replacing outdated infrastructure faster while maintaining and improving reliability for customers.


  • Missouri is falling behind other states due to outdated energy regulations and the absence of a long-term grid modernization plan.
  • Missouri’s utility laws were put in place in 1913 and have not been substantially updated in more than a century.
  • Missouri’s energy grid was expanded in the 1950s and 1960s and much of that infrastructure still serves us today, which is why the electric power grid is in need of modernization.
  • The legislation will power economic development in Missouri and create jobs.


  • Ameren Missouri has identified more than $1 billion in investments to build customers a smarter, stronger grid.
  • These are incremental investments that Ameren Missouri could accelerate if Missouri modernizes its century-old regulatory process.
  • Potential investments include substation and distribution upgrades, smart meters, downtown St. Louis underground grid revitalization, storm hardening, sustainable energy projects and microgrids – which would create more than 3,000 direct and indirect jobs just from Ameren Missouri investments.


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