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June 29, 2017

Business Builders Workshop - Business in the 21st Century

Time: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Location: Regional Development Center (located at the Chamber Office)
220 North Fountain 

Additional Information: Chris Edmonds, Kyle Adams, and Erin Miller of Element 74 will be exploring the power of emerging technologies in business. Covering everything from how to use Facebook Live effectively to the ever-changing criteria of Google's search algorithms, to how the Internet of Things could change the customer service industry forever - there's no shortage of things to learn.

$15 per attendee - includes lunch 
David Soto
Stacey Comstock
Brenda Newbern
Michael Givens
Candice Davis
Julia Thompson
Lisa Church
Thomas Higgins
Kim Wilson
Keith Boeller
Stephanie Holland
Laura Coalter Parker
Gera LeGrand
Christie Seyer
Glen Beussink
Essner John
Crystal Weaver
Breita Church
Matt Kinder
Luke Hilgenbrinck
Shannon Legrand
Sam Gleason
Chad Meredith
Annie Criddle
Jakob Pallesen
John Sinclair
Stephanie Beattie
John Brey
Stacy Dohogne Lane
Tony Buehrle
Chelsey Gegg
Joan Stephens
Rob Stephens
Kathy Bertrand
Melinda Hilterbrand
Luke Edwards
Kellie Reno
Kelly Green
Greg Vaughn
Gwyn Mincher
Additional Attendee
Ashley Freed