Emerge YP Summit - Postponed - Future Date to be Announced

Date: April 17, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Location: Drury Plaza Conference Center
3351 Percy Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO

Registrations will be reopened once a new date is announced!

Early Bird Registration (January 1 - March 31) | $50
Registration (April 1 - April 17) | $70
*Partner registrations will reflect a discount - early bird and/or appropriate percentage off based on partnership level - whichever is higher. 

Additional Information:

Based on CDC Guidelines, we have made the difficult decision to postpone our 2020 Emerge YP Summit until a later date in 2020. Stay tuned on our CYP Facebook Page for more information about the new date!

The Emerge YP Summit is a one-day experience that provides a space for dreamers, changemakers, innovators, and open-minded young professionals to get informed, become inspired, and learn what it takes to be a leader. This event provides the tools, resources, and access to community visionaries who will empower the leaders of today and tomorrow to become catalysts for positive change.

At the third annual Emerge Young Professionals Summit, we invite you to activate your curiosity, discover new ways to grow personally and professionally, foster connections, and dig your roots deep into the community to become the leader you were meant to be.

Join more than 150 young professionals in this day-long exploration, fueled by inspiring keynote speakers, insightful panel discussions, motivating change-maker sessions, and opportunities to connect with the leaders of today and tomorrow. We are all in this together.

  • Discover, develop and refine your leadership abilities
  • Connect with other YPs
  • Learn from presenters and peers
  • Sharpen your skills
  • It's going to be a blast!

  • All-day Summit access
  • Networking with 150+ YPs
  • Interactive breakouts and info sessions
  • Meet & Greet with Mentors
  • Coffee and lunch
  • Free admission into the reception


Opening Session - Reach New Heights
Presented by Coach Tuke
One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to support ourselves and others in living at our highest and best. Even if you don't see it yet, there is greatness within you. In this session, Coach Tuke will motivate you to look beyond your current position, income, influence or whatever it may be, and encourage you to unleash the potential hidden within.

Personal Focused Breakout Sessions
Leading Others | Tuning In To What Matters
Presented by Brett Cheek
In his session, Brett will cover the importance of mental health awareness and self-care. Participants will learn techniques to successfully address some of the most common mental health concerns like stress, anxiety, and depression such as mindfulness, validation, and empathic communication. These can be detrimental as we work towards self-actualization and effective development in the workplace.

Leading Yourself | Assessing Your Financial Health: Know Your Numbers
Presented by Stephen Schott
How often have you wished that you could have swapped out a college course for a practical "How to Adult" class? Investing, saving for emergencies and retirement, paying off debt, and purchasing a home can all be goals and concepts that feel overwhelming and impossible. In this session, Stephen Schott will break things down in a practical way and give you tips and tricks to help relieve the stress that can accompany money management and get you started down the path to financial success.

Professional Focused Breakout Sessions
Leading Others | Leading Others With Authentic Purpose
Presented by Laura Coalter-Parker
In this session, Laura Coalter-Parker will help you find the path to purposeful leadership. Through personal stories and professional research, Coalter-Parker will discuss how purpose compels people and builds thriving organizations and lives. She will share practical steps to discovering, clarifying, aligning, and delivering purpose.

Leading Yourself | Stop Networking, Start Connecting
Presented by Rob Stephens
Business relationships are critical for professional growth. Relationships are a means of cultivating ideas, encouraging collaboration, and contributing to the community in your industry. But if you want to see true success in your business relationships, you need to stop networking. In this session, Rob Stephens will share how looking at these interactions through the lens of "connection" will boost the quality of your business relationships. 

Lunch Session - Change Your Mindset, Change The World
Presented by Danny Rees
Volunteering within your community does a lot more than you could ever begin to imagine, but what happens when you shift your mindset from volunteerism to servanthood? When you use your time and efforts with a servant attitude, you start a string of positive events that happen from the time you decide to help out, until long after you've done your part. In this session, the Interviewer, Tyler Camp, will discuss the impact of servanthood with Danny Rees.

Community Focused Breakout Sessions
Leading Others | Think Wrong, Do Good
Presenter to by Jeff Maurer
The way we solve problems is broken – we’re trapped by techniques and assumptions of the past. Today’s big challenges like healthcare costs, affordable housing and cybersecurity concerns emerge at an ever-accelerating rate. We struggle to find the imaginative answers we crave and when we do, biology and culture conspire to obstruct our progress. Find out how Jeff Maurer, co-founder of Mayson Capital Partners, believes thinking wrong can conquer the status quo and help you do work that truly matters while inspiring others along the way.

Leading Yourself | Creating Change In Your Community
Presented by Renita Green, Jeff Rawson and Melissa Stickle
In 2012, Michelle Obama said, "Success isn't about how much money you make; it's about the difference you make in people's lives." As humans, we yearn to make a difference, to leave our mark. And most of us know helping better others' lives has positive impacts on our own making us happier, more balanced, and instilling a greater sense of purpose in the everyday. But, most of us don?t know where to start. In this session, panelists will share their stories of how they identified needs and made a change in our local community.

Keynote address - Unleashing the Most Positive YOU
Presented by Susie Thompson
A fun, engaging and relatable session that will have you thinking now just about WHO you are, but HOW you are every day and how that will make the biggest difference in your future success.  Your attitude and approach to everything you do can give you a competitive advantage professionally and personally, can strengthen your influence with others, and can propel you into leadership opportunities.  This session is designed to provide tips and techniques for emphasizing the positive and diffusing the negative, and to help prepare you to make a positive difference in your World.


Susie Thompson
Susie Thompson is currently a Vice President of Human Resources and Culture Officer at the Wood and Huston Bank in Marshall, Missouri.  Prior to that, she spent nine years as an English teacher, yearbook advisor and varsity tennis coach. Thompson also spent 17 years with Hallmark Cards, Incorporated where she was responsible for Learning and Development, Leadership Development, Retail Training, and executive coaching. For the past 15 years, she has had a side motivational speaking business that has landed her engagements with over 200 groups including Cisco Systems, American Academy of Family Physicians, Extreme Leadership Institute, Sprint, the Agriculture Future of America, and multiple universities and schools. She is currently a member of the Lyceum Liaisons, a volunteer group supporting Arrow Rock Missouri?s Lyceum Theater and a board member for the Sacred Heart School Foundation.  She has held board membership in the Marshall, Missouri Public School District, the Stephanie Waterman Tennis Foundation and the Fitzgibbon Hospital Foundation. 



Dress Attire: Business casual is recommended for all sessions. Remember, meeting room temperatures and personal comfort zones vary widely. It is recommended that you bring a sweater or jacket with you. 

Menu: While the menu for the day is still being finalized, please include any dietary restrictions you may have during registration.

Disabilities or Restrictions: If you have a disability or restriction and require assistance, please contact Dana Brune at the Chamber to arrange appropriate accommodations. 

Traveling: Thank you for making the journey to Cape Girardeau! The Conference Center is attached to one of Cape's lovely hotels, the Drury Plaza Hotel, which features a free hot breakfast and 5:30 Kickback evening menu. Find accommodations at the Drury Plaza or one of our other lodging options here!


Personal service is a legacy that has been passed from generation to generation in the communities Wood & Huston Bank serves. As a community member, they serve in civic leadership and philanthropic capacities. As an independent, full-service community bank, they provide financial services and banking expertise in a manner consistent with the changing needs and demands of their local customers.

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